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Supporting young writers and readers through home and school programs


Hi! I’m Christan.

I’m a Literacy Specialist and multi-certified educator. I help support readers and writers in grades 4-8 through digital book clubs and creative writing workshops.

Whether you’re a parent looking for at-home literacy support or a school seeking interactive writing workshops to engage young writers, you’re in the right place.

Reading and writing success starts here.

You’re a super mom (or dad)…

…but that doesn’t mean you have to be a literary superhero, too!

If you have a child above fourth grade, then you know how tricky it can get:

Essays, Paragraph structures, Main ideas & details, Choosing the right words to say what you mean…

Yikes! So many gigantic and necessary skills all at once.

So, how do you teach all those writing skills while also inspiring your child to express themselves creatively?

You need a space that honors the type of learner your child is.

You need a solution that doesn’t compete with after school activities and busy family schedules.

You need an option for developing your child’s writing skills

…or helping your aspiring writer to flourish and find their voice.

Welcome to Art of WordPlay — an online literacy lab created with your learner in mind.


Online Classes:


“Before the writing workshop, I didn’t use emphasis and imagination, but when Mrs. Christan read me her story and showed me examples, it made me think about what I could use in my own writing. I can’t wait until the next workshop!”

-Noeme, 6th grader

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When you book a service with us, we’re able to donate a portion of our profits to bring more diverse books to kids. Diverse books reflect the unique background and experiences of all people, including (but limited to) people of color, ethnic and cultural minorities, gender diversity, people with disabilities, religion, socioeconomic background variances, family dynamics, etc. We believe that kids should be able to see themselves in the books they read, and we want to honor that reading right.