One teacher, one child, one book, one pen...can change the world.
— Malala Yousafzai


Hi! I’m Christan Wilson.

I help educators empower their students to become more curious writers - to teach them to play with words, not just write them.

Together, we can flip your uninspired writing instruction into a creative launchpad where your students can take off as writers!

Ready to see what’s possible in your writing classroom?


When it comes to writing, it all boils down to this: imagination + heart. That’s it. And, believe it or not - kids have a whole lot of both! Many will throw you a laundry list of ways to teach writing, but I’ve found something way simpler and way more fun.

I spent over a decade in the classroom - teaching, inspiring, reading with and writing alongside my students. We devoured stories to learn more about ourselves, the world and what we can do to become better versions of ourselves. We slid into the minds of writers to understand how powerful stories are created and how we can share our own. What I discovered literally blew me away...

Students actually wanted to grow as readers and writers. They just needed to know how.

That’s where I come in.

What I offer is a unique blend of passion, a wild imagination and a desire to empower our next generation of writers – that’s what I bring to every single writing workshop.

Here’s How I Can Help You…


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When you purchase a product or course with us, we’re able to donate a portion of our profits to bring more diverse books to kids. Diverse books reflect the unique background and experiences of all people, including (but limited to) people of color, ethnicity and culture, gender diversity, people with disabilities, religion, socioeconomic background variances, family dynamics, etc. We believe that kids should be able to see themselves and others in the books they read, and we want to honor that reading right.

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