Leap Into Creativity with Nanowrimo!

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Do you have a budding writer who loves to express themselves through imaginative stories? Are you looking for a way to nurture that love of writing in a non-risky way? Have you heard of Nanowrimo?


Let’s change that.

Nanowrimo is short for National Novel Writing Month. Nanowrimo is an internet-based organization geared towards helping people all over the world explore their creativity through writing.

Every November, writers around the world gather together in a digital community to commit to writing a novel. You set your own word count goals, and they’ll send you daily inspiration as you set out to write your book.

Sounds like a huge challenge, right?

It’s actually very rewarding, especially for writers who want to explore all the stories stirring around inside of them.

I can’t recommend creative writing enough for young writers with a developing interest. It’s a fantastic way to:

  1. Access your imagination.

  2. Fine tune your writing skills.

  3. Embrace taking risks in your writing.

  4. Identify your unique writing voice.

So…Nanowrimo starts November 1 every single year. You have the entire month to create your writing work of art. Work as a family (fantastic bonding experience) or individually. It doesn’t matter. Just do it! Leap into creativity with Nanowrimo. It’s so worth it to see just how far and wide your imagination takes you.

I’ll be hanging around in the Nanowrimo community this year. Hope to see you there!


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