Creative Writing Workshops

Pull up a chair. Grab a cup of hot cocoa. It’s story-time!

I’m going to guess that you have a writer with a wild and creative imagination. You want to nurture that, but you’re not exactly sure how. Maybe all you remember about writing is stifling school essays and dictation sentences. Yikes! (I remember those, too.)

Funny thing is…writing is way more than that. Writing is about…

  • self-expression

  • exploring creativity

  • making decisions

  • pushing the boundaries

  • storytelling to teach, to persuade, or to entertain

  • using your words with intention and strategy

  • finding your voice (and being brave enough to share it with the world)

It’s about being you in a world where being you takes courage.

Maybe you have an aspiring writer who’s ready to dive in head first into storytelling but needs some direction and support.

Or, maybe you have a child who has a tremendous imagination and may benefit from seeing where their mind can take them through creative writing.

Either way, our creative workshops are designed to provide young writers with a space to explore and to write from the heart.

No judgement.

No stifling essays.

No red pens to kill their creativity.

We’ll sit (virtual) shoulder to (virtual) shoulder with your writer, while providing a community of support — for both you and your writer.

Join us for any one of our fun, interactive workshops. Ready for your child to discover the power and brilliance of their writing voice?

We sure are.

See you in the next workshop!