Q: What if my child has already read a book on the book list?

A: That’s even better! Have you ever watched a movie more than once and noticed something different every single time or, perhaps, gained an even deeper appreciation for a character? The same thing happens when we read a book more than once. We allow ourselves an opportunity to dig deeper and explore untapped meaning. The reading response activities are the perfect solution for guiding your reader through new reading skills and critical thinking using a familiar book.

Q: What if my child is unable to read some of the books independently?

A: No problem! We encourage parents to use this opportunity to read to their child. Not only does this practice create bonding time for parent and child, but it also supports reading fluency and engagement. We are currently working on an audio recording option for readers to follow along in their books.

Q: How does my child access the Seesaw platform?

A: As soon as we receive your registration, you will receive an email with login instructions. Be sure to provide us with an accurate email address so that you’ll receive this information in your welcome packet.

Q: What is Seesaw?

A: It’s a student-created digital portfolio where students are empowered to "show what they know" by creating, responding, reflecting, sharing and collaborating with peers. Seesaw enables parents to join in on the learning by viewing and responding directly to their child's work. 

Q: How will students use Seesaw for the Book Club?

A: We will use Seesaw as a creation and response space as well as a discussion forum. Students will be empowered to collaborate and exchange ideas in a reading community. Video lessons will be shared for students to view at their convenience to extend their understanding of story elements and theme. Seesaw will also be our primary point of communication for all book club updates.

Q: Is this a reading course?

A: Not at all. Readers are encouraged to create a personalized reading schedule that works best for them in order to complete the book by the end of the month. Maintaining a consistent weekly reading schedule will ensure that readers will have something to contribute to the ongoing book discussion without feeling “behind” if they choose to read the book in the last few days. However, that’s okay too. The flexibility is yours.

Q: What’s included with a book club subscription?

A: Reader subscriptions include monthly comprehension activities aligned with the book of the month (available digitally), standards-aligned mini-lessons taught by a certified Reading Specialist and designed to teach explicit reading strategy skills, discussion forum for students to collaborate and discuss ideas and questions from the book with book club readers from around the world.

Q: How can I contact you if I have questions along the way?

A: Email us anytime at hello@artofwordplay.com.

Q: Do you provide resources that support parents in assisting their child with comprehending as they read?

A: Absolutely! Every book response journal comes with guiding questions for parents to use as a discussion point to engage with their young reader about the book. Ensuring that parents are equipped and empowered to support their child's reading growth is one of our top priorities.

Q: What if my child is below 4th grade or above 5th grade?

A: No problem. The selected books for this year's book club were chosen with 4th and 5th graders in mind. They reflect the social issues that students in this age range can relate to. However, students outside of this grade range are welcome to join us. If your child is below 4th grade, we just ask that you take a look at the book summaries for each book (checkout titles on Amazon) to ensure that you are comfortable with your child reading the books. If your child is older and you simply want them to join to increase their reading habits and/or skills, we welcome them. More opportunities to read will never be detrimental to any reader, regardless of their age.