About Me

I don't want students to simply earn a grade; I want them to be lifelong learners - to be critical thinkers, create change and continuously build their character.

I don't want students to simply earn a grade; I want them to be lifelong learners - to be critical thinkers, create change and continuously build their character.

Hi! I’m Christan.

I’m the Head Story Strategist & Founder of Art of WordPlay Literacy Lab. I teach students to become more conscious readers and curious writers. And, I empower parents to take their place as Head Educators in their child’s educational journey.

As a former classroom teacher, the one thing that I learned I had a natural ability to do is help students find the joy in reading and writing, which also helped them become really good at it. At the beginning of a school year, I’d have students literally profess things like…

 "I'm not a reader!"


 "Books are boring."


 or, my favorite... "Writing is too hard." 

I'm talkin' first day of school confessionals, and it wasn't pretty. 

I thought some of them would yank their hair before the year was out. But, that's not at all what happened. As I said, they became really good readers and writers...and they (lean in closely for this one) ENJOYED it! 

But first, I had to make my classroom feel really different. It had to be a safe place where students understood that there is power in our words. I had to lead my students by example because the truth is, my kids weren't buying what I was selling unless I showed them how and why our words matter

So, I became laser-focused on growing myself as a reader and writer to help them discover the readers and writers just itching to be unleashed within them. 

My students and I devoured stories to learn more about ourselves and the world and what we can do to become better, more involved and more invested. We slid into the minds of writers to understand how powerful stories are created and how we can share our own. What I discovered literally blew me away...

Students actually wanted to grow as readers and writers. They just needed to know how.

That's where I come in.

What I offer is a unique blend of passion, a wild imagination and a desire to empower our next generation of leaders - that's what I bring to every workshop, every book club, every professional learning session and every service that I provide. 

The Short & Sweet Official Bio

Christan Wilson is a Certified Teacher, Literacy Specialist and the visionary behind Art of WordPlay -  an online literacy lab that offers creative writing workshops for kids to help them write and publish their own books.

Christan has worked with hundreds of students and teachers across the country, including international and high-profile clients in the entertainment and sports industries. Her mission is to bring more diversity to children’s literature by raising the voices of young writers, while also giving them a platform to share their stories and own their identities.

A graduate of Furman University and native of South Carolina, Christan received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and M.Ed. in Literacy. She has worked as an elementary and middle school teacher, school-based literacy coach and traveling literacy consultant to support literacy initiatives in schools across the Southeast region. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and son and enjoys writing, traveling, a good board game and Taco Tuesdays at home.

The Fun Version

It all started with a shelf full of children's books, a frail, purple composition notebook and no. 2 pencil.


Me, in my element, at age 5 

The best gift my parents could have ever given me was books, but I don't think they knew just how much books would change my life. Through them, I discovered an unstoppable imagination and a deep love relationship with words.

The first time I'd ever written anything of my own, I wrote a poem in 4th grade about being constantly teased for being a straight A student. That poem saved me. It taught me that writing can be a place of refuge from a world where pain, fear and disappointment reside.

That young girl would never have imagined that she'd find her way into teaching, bringing her love for books and writing right along with her.

On any given day, you might find me promoting amazing stories to kids, reading with them, sharing the art and joy of writing with students, delivering interactive professional development to teachers, enjoying a movie or game night with my husband and son or nestled on my cozy couch with a good book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. Either way, I'm either reading, writing or creating - those are the things that get me going every single day.