Writing Workshops

Ready to help your child become a more confident writer? Eager to see their writing skills soar? Our online writing workshops are designed with your child in mind. We serve homeschool, traditional school and unschool families.

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  • Time length: workshops run in 4-week sessions

  • Flexible delivery: hybrid of video lessons and live sessions

  • Easy to access online classroom with personalized login

  • Ongoing feedback to help writers develop and strengthen their writing skills

  • Led by certified Literacy Specialists with 10+ years of teaching experience

  • Writing is framed as a whole writing piece vs. isolated writing skills

  • Some workshops include an option to submit writing for publication

  • Workshops range in topics and genres: Crafting a short story, Literary essays, Taming the wild poetry, Research writing, Essay basics, Exploring fiction, Writing to learn, and more!

what writing skills do we teach?

Each writing workshop will focus on a very specific writing task to help writers strengthen their knowledge of the process, habits and skills of writing. You’ll find a general list of writing skills we work on with writers below:

  • Generating ideas

  • Focusing on a key idea

  • Elaborating on details

  • Revising

  • Editing

  • Proofreading

Choose from the writing workshops currently open for enrollment below:

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