Our Values

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We believe that creativity is an underrated essential in a child’s learning experience. When students are encouraged to imagine new possibilities, they grow to become master problem-solvers and critical thinkers. For this reason, creativity lies at the heart of our writing workshops.


We believe that choice is essential to building a child’s confidence in reading and writing. When students choose what they read and write about, they become invested. That investment leads to interest, which is a prime place to begin deepening literacy skills.


We believe that voice is a necessary ingredient for meaningful language. Writing isn’t about spelling words correctly, mastering grammar or putting together the perfect 5-paragraph essay. These things have their place, but not at the expense of a writer's ability find his or her own voice. We help writers weave language together to tell their story their way.


We believe that exploration is where meaningful learning begins. We encourage students to explore the world of storytelling by reading a wide range of books by different authors, of different genres and on different topics. We also encourage students to explore storytelling by playing with words in their own writing.


We believe in teaching the art of reading and writing before the skills (science). In other words, we want kids to appreciate the richness of language by listening to lots of wonderful stories before teaching them “skills.” When kids get excited about stories, they become naturally curious about how stories work. This is when we can help them harness the skills to become strong readers and writers.