Interested in our creative writing workshops but not sure where to start?

We highly recommend our Pop Up Workshops!

These bite-sized online workshops blend together our perfect little recipe of creative thinking, free writing, collaboration and writing feedback.

In just one hour, your writer will have an exciting collection of new writing ideas with savvy writing skills to match.

In case you missed that, here’s the Busy-Parent-With-Great-Intentions translation:

That’s one.



For you.

Or, you can join in on the fun. We welcome (and encourage) family writing time.

Our small group Pop Up workshops are designed to encourage interaction and design thinking.

We want kids to learn to tinker with words and the many ways to tell stories and communicate their ideas.

We give kids strategies on how to generate new ideas when they feel stuck in their writing and a safe space to learn the art of writing risk-free, grade-free and worry-free.


You’ve been meaning to find some type of outlet where your young aspiring writer can thrive.

Or, a space for your developing writer to grow and learn new skills.

You’re short on time most days because, well…LIFE.

And, you’re pretty sure you want to give this a try but you’re not sure what to expect.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check the Pop Up Workshop calendar.

  2. Pick a workshop.

  3. Sign up.

  4. Get access to our 1-hour Pop Up Workshop (workshop topics will vary).

  5. Receive your digital workshop toolkit. We’ll send the workbook, guide or any other tool we may use for your writer to use for the workshop.

  6. Enjoy the class.

  7. Share with your friends.

  8. Repeat the process.

It’s really that simple, and that’s the way we want to keep it.


Will my child actually be writing during the workshop?

Absolutely! We don’t like lectures, and we don’t know many kids who do. Through our collective experience in K-12 education, we know a thing or two about engaging kids in learning in an anti-boring way. We know that writing can be heavy and dull for some young writers, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we spend 85% of workshop time actually engaging students in writing activities because we believe that kids learn best by doing.

What will my child learn?

That all depends on the workshop topic, but you can rest assured that they will leave us better writers than they came to us. Our topics range from simple paragraph writing techniques to story starters to character building to time travel and far beyond. Wherever our imagination takes us, we bring students right along with us. When you sign up for a workshop, you’ll see a few bullet points outlining the learning targets for the workshop. That’s our way of communicating the learning goals for a particular workshop.

What does an online workshop look like?

Technology has come a long way. There are tons of ways to engage in learning online, and we have a few favorites. Upon registration, you’ll receive a link to an online video platform that allows us to engage with our learners through video, audio and a nifty chat box. We can also share our screens and use it like a whiteboard to model a writing strategy. How cool is that?! As long as you have a device, your child can participate in a workshop. We highly recommend earbuds, though. Beyond that, we’ll send you a guide sheet or other printable that we may use during the workshop. That’ll come straight to your email inbox, and all you have to do is print it so your child will be ready to go for the workshop.

How much does this cost?

Less than a 1-hour tutoring session,

4 fancy drinks from Starbucks,

And 2 months of Netflix.

But more specifically,

…it’s only $19.😉

Ready to try a Pop Up Workshop?

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(Please note that workshop topics, dates and times will vary.)